Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No more weird morning sickness...

Funny story.

I had to completely stop blogging and looking at other people's blogs about 8 months ago.  Not that I wanted to go on hiatus, but I literally was forced to.

After my daughter's amazing over-the-top first birthday party (like the day after)...I started gagging at the mere thought of cake-pops or craft punches.  Every time I walked into the dining room (where we had her desert table) I literally gagged and got sick.  Not only that but I was tired, waaayy more tired than I should have been (it was only a party afterall).  The day after her birthday I took a pregnancy test...and to my surprise it was positive.

Holy Cow! I couldn't believe I was pregnant again.  It took me a long time to adjust...after all I had just finished nursing my daughter and only had my body to myself for what I thought was a month and a half, but was only actually about 1/2 a month.  It wasn't something that we planned, but sometimes God's plans are better than we consider.

So, I know it sounds really weird, but EVERYTHING crafty made me ill.  My morning sickness was directly related to the color pink, anything made by baking in the oven, pinking sheers and gorgeous fabric.

Surprise! 9 months later, I am back to my regular self and wanting to be creative again.  And maternity leave is the best place to do that!  I'm currently typing this post with the sweetest, snuggliest little boy curled up on my chest.  Little Lotte is still going to daycare, not for me but for her.  I want her to live her normal life, and that means playing with her friends and staying on schedule, because unfortunately my maternity leave won't last forever.  :(

Now is the time to get the ball rolling again.  I'm going to attempt to be one of those scary-organized and uber-mom.  And that means I have to fold the laundry, start organizing my to do lists, look up blog tutorials on how to make my internet home a hipper place to be, and continually feed and diaper my 10 day old (I forgot how many diapers newborns go through)!

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