Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Party Decorations and Food

-{Party Decorations}-
This is an extreme post...stick around there are lots of goodies to see!

Yay for party decorations! 

The party was held both outside and inside.  We set up 4 long tables outside on our driveway (which luckily is in the shade all evening) to accommodate roughly 50 people.  We also had the kitchen set up as a buffet for people to get their food and drinks, and the dining room was desert/cake/gift central!

For the outdoors I made tissue paper poms in dark pink, light pink and white.  My darling husband was kind enough to get the ladder out and hang a long string from one edge of the house, to a tree across the drive way and back to the other edge of the house.

I made mini tissue poms to put on the tables.

 I used an ant punch to make "confetti" and I used glue dots to make a trail across the tables.  It gave it a picnic-y feel.

I made table cloth weights using clips from the dollar store (5 for $1.00), then I hot glued on flowers (also from the dollar store).  They added a perfect touch and served a purpose too.

 These cuties were up here and there.  You can't tell the size but they are 12 inches across.  I love the mega huge ric rac!

 Card Basket

 I used my cake stand/dome to showcase her tutu she wore for pictures.  I sprinkled watermelon seeds around and put a thank you note.  This sat on the gift table.

This was our year of pictures gallery in the kitchen. 

We strung yarn between two doorways.  I mod podged pink scrapbook paper on the clothespins to give it a more finished look.

Formula can center piece. With pictures from her birthday photo shoot.

Beginning of the food buffet.  The watermelon bowl was for fruit salad. 

Magnetic Menu 

Jello using a small hollowed out melon as a mold.

Poor hubby slaving over the hot grill making hamburgers and hotdogs for 50 people.

Cheesy picture of me, but it was the only one I have to show you my favorite food from the evening.  We made regular old lemonade and to theme it up I used the watermelon from the fruit salad bowl to make ice-cubes.  Just 2 watermelon cubes made plain old lemonade AWESOME!

Sorry for the huge post, but I hope it was inspirational! Tomorrow's line-up is FAVORS! 


  1. I love the ways to use the watermelon. I am a huge jello fan. I'll definitely have to try the jello in watermelon idea. PLUS the watermelon ice cubs would be super fun in summery drinks ;). I hope you're having a great week!

    Love ya!

  2. This is awesome!! I loved looking at the pictures! Great ideas!

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