Thursday, August 11, 2011

Play Tents for some Dramatic Play

I've been thinking of making a play tent for Little Lotte for a Christmas gift this year. {YES I'm already thinking about should too!}

Here are some of the inspirations and tutorials that I have found from here there and everywhere around the internet.

Miss Pretty Pretty has absolutely the most AMAZING selection of imaginative play tents and materials E.V.E.R.  I love looking at all the inspiration.  Check out some of these...

Here is a great tutorial for a circus table tent from Old Days Old Ways.  I love the edging on this house!

THIS is a different kind of tent.  It attaches to your dining room table with ribbons for easy removal when you need to use your table for something like eating rather than imagination.

You have to see this Perfect Princess Pavilion from ikatbag.  I love the use of the top for dollies.  Make use of that wasted space.

Should I make a completely PVC frame or use a card table with one of these PVC Toppers for a roof from Obsessively Stiching?

I also like the suspension style for outside or for a reading nook inside.  2 Little Hooligans has an easy as punch tutorial to follow.

I could make it look like this $350 tent.

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