Monday, March 21, 2011

Seriously naptime on Monday

Yesterday was a HUGE BUSY BUSY day.  My bestest friend from college and her man came in town for the weekend to meet Brother and play with all of us!  Saturday we just hung around together and laughed and had great dinner and awesome icecream!  And on Sunday we went to the ZOO!!! It was a very eventful day and Lotte didn't nap very well, or at all.  But she sure loved the train ride, the penguins, the tigers, and the giraffes.  She loved it all but I think those were her that order.

Excited to go in!

Waiting for the train

Yay! Trian! And Yay Moby Wrap!

Just like Daddy!

In the penguin house

Watching the monkies.  Yes my almost 2 year old has a my defense it was her nap time.

And Mister loved walking with daddy.

So my Sunday wasn't serious at all.  And today won't be very serious either because we are going to go play at the Science Center after nap time.  But I figured just because the past few days have been all fun and games doesn't mean the rest of the week will here is my Serious Sunday...a little less serious.

>Food For Family<
Mon-Grill Night!
Tues-Baked Rotini
Thurs-Lamb and Rosemary Meatloaf
Fri-Chicken bake

>Cleaning outside the Norm<
Organize server
Organize Hutch
Clean out Closet, maternity clothes OUT
De-clutter craft space

>Mommy's Magic<
Easter Bunting
Finish Kitchen Window
Birthday Collages

>Long-er Term Relationships<
Dining room table
Easter dress
2nd Birthday plans
Easter goodies

And here is a re-cap from last week!

I got EVERYTHING done!!!
Except I didn't finish the window yet...but husband has been working overtime and I need his help.

I accomplished all of my tasks while being able to keep up with both my kiddos and keep up with housework! I feel like such a good mommy!

Off to have some more fun!

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  1. Wow! I'm so amazed by what you accomplished! I'm always a bit worried about how I will manage to get things done once I have kids. You're such an inspiration!

    Also - if you have time you should put some of your recipes for those amazing dinners on pictures!

    I'm so glad you got to have a good time with the BFF! I'm jealous ;).

    - Angela


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