Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look what I found this week!

I was a fairly pretty week.  And then the wind came...and then one day I woke up to find this.

Snow. Spring Snow. Sigh.

How sad does that little slide look.  As if it were saying, "But I thought it was spring, and I thought I could get some good old fashioned "weeeee" time in."

I also found this.  We haven't used it yet, but I'm hoping it will help with his gassies.

It wasn't that great of a price, but cheaper than the mylecon if you figure the dosage.  Plus its all natural.

I also made a few thrifty finds at various places throughout the week.

These are the neatest set of picture frames.  They were only $8.00 for the 3 pieces!!!
They will be perfect once they are spray painted and I pick out/print/make some cute little spring and easter prints to put in them.

The weird striped thing is not only ugly, but it is a tray, and only cost $1.00!

Here is an idea of what I have planned for it.  If you squint really hard you might be able to see the potential.

This is something that we found down in the basement.  It's an accumulation of roughly 3 years of dust on a wonky old glass-less picture frame.  I think I know what I'm going to do with it, but I'm having a hard time committing fully to one project.

And the biggest "find" this week actually happened last night and was the reason why this friday post  sat completely finished until this morning.  As I am adding the images seen above, I hear my Little Lotte cry out up stairs.  She had been asleep for about an hour, so I went to check on her.  As soon as I opened the door, the smell hit me like a stinky old train!

Yep my sweet little toddler threw up for the first time.  I knew I would have to deal with it eventually, but I was hoping it would be when she was 13 or 14 so that she could clean it out of her own hair!

I'm not really a puke person.  But being a mother, I put on my mommy pants and immediately went to work.  I moved her from the giant pile of can all of THAT come from a toddler?!?!  I took off her soaked pajamas and got her into the bathtub.  All the while telling her that it is okay and gagging at the same time!

I got to be the hero.  I was Batman.  I saved her from the nasties that were in her hair and all over her sweet purple pj's, while my poor poor husband was Alfred.  He did all the dirty work.  While I was washing her hair, he was changing sheets and doing the laundry.  I LOVE THAT MAN!

So what was it? Stomach flu? I don't think so.  She acted like she was feeling fine after, and we gave her some diluted juice and she was drinking as if nothing happened.  She was a little scared when I put her back to bed.  Because she didn't see us (by that I mean Alfred) change the sheets she thought it was all still there.  She didn't want to lay down.  I had to sweep my hand all over her bed and repeat "all clean" over and over again.  Even though she was repeating "keen", she must not have been convinced because she curled up in the opposite corner and rolled into a little ball to sleep.  Poor baby.

She has had some breakfast and is doing well.  So hopefully it was just something she ate, because we have my grandparents 63rd wedding anniversary dinner tonight.  We wouldn't want it to be a puke fest!

Oh, and one last find! JAYHAWKS ARE THE ONLY #1 SEED LEFT IN THE TOURNAMENT!  What the heck?!? Ohio was rumored to be taking the entire thing! Kentucky is my hero.  But honestly if they can beat Ohio, I'm sure that they can beat us if we don't fight hard enough.  Imagine this senario...Kentucky and UNC in the final four.  UNC wins.  KU plays UNC for the championship! Hardcore!  And anyone out there reading this is like...who cares, it's basketball!  WELL I CARE!  I bleed crimson and blue!

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