Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where I REALLY want to be...

Three years ago this week I was here.

Tropical PARADISE.

My grandparents took my whole family to Beaches Turks and Caicos several years in a row.  We had the most spectacular times there.
This is grandma and grandpa with all the grandkids.

The last year we went my man was able to join us.

This is the OCEAN water...not a pool.

And this is one of the pools.

I know my grandparents don't read my blog, but I just want to tell everyone how FABULOUS my Buddy and Papa are.  They gave me and my family so many memories and experiences that we will never forget.  We are a closer family because of these times.  I pray that I can one day afford to take my kids here so they can experience it for themselves.  It's incredible!
I LOVE these two people!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Husband...the Photo Editor

{NOTE:  Sooooo....apparently I don't know how to schedule posts.  I thought it was all set up and I haven't checked because I have been so busy.  I got on today and to my surprise I have had 3 posts not posted...sigh.  Sorry for the absence, I didn't mean it! :) }

I take it, he makes it.......prettier!

He recently got a new app on his phone call "Photoforge 2".  It is one of our few paid for apps.  Here are some of the before and afters of the edits he did.  Amazing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY CHEAP kitchen curtains

So while I'm busy working on party stuff {and working, and being a mommy, and general craziness} I'm reaching back into my "stash" to show you some projects I have done quiet a while ago, but they are still cool!

Let me start by saying I.LOVE.MY.KITCHEN.  I love my walls, the white cabinets, my counter tops.  True, I would love a bigger space, but who doesn't?

When we moved in I chose GUACAMOLE for the wall color.  I wanted cafe curtains for the windows, so I made these with cloth napkins.  I cut four napkins in half.  I hemmed the cut edge and attached four tabs per napkin half.  I hung them with white tension rods.  They are the perfect look I was going for.

And while you are looking at my kitchen please notice the wall papered ceiling!  It is textured wall paper that was painted, and the walls (though you can't tell in these pictures) are also a textured wall paper that we painted over.  It is an amazing look.  Definitely my favorite room in the house.

Linking my cool curtains up to these cool hostesses!

Can I possibly get it all done?

How the HECK am I going to get it all done?  Well, you can bet that I am sitting here blogging rather than getting it done...oops.

With 20 days and waaaayyyy too many things to get accomplished...I need to set some sort of schedule for myself.

This week I HAVE to get done with:

Lotte's Birthday Dress.

Lotte's Birthday Swimsuit.

Lotte's Flip-flops.  {one is already done so I already have this one half done :)}All I can say is that they are SHUT THE FRONT DOOR cute!  I can't wait to show you!!!

Photo props for her 2nd year pictures.

If you couldn't tell by my to-do list, we are taking Little Girl's pictures next weekend.  Anyone from the St. Louis area have any good recommendations for picture sites?  We are probably going to go to the City Garden, but we went there last year and I would like to go somewhere new.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day...to the best Dad I have ever known!

Father's day has never really been a big holiday for me.  Growing up I rarely had any contact with my father, and when I was 15 he passed away.  So it has always been just another day...until...

This incredible man came into my life.  Father's day was so much more, even before we had children because I knew he would be a GREAT dad!

I was right...he fell into fatherhood like a champ.  {Holding Lotte for the first time after 36 hours of doting on me during labor}

He always lending a helping hand.  {Here he is with Lotte's first diaper}

He educates the girly on the importance of a good upbringing. {Showing Lotte around the Jayhawk campus for the first time}

He is PERFECT for shoulder rides. {Outside of the Architecture building on campus...and everywhere else}

He is there for me to make me laugh when I REALLY need it. {Especially pre-op before my c-section with our son}

He makes me fall in love with him everyday just by seeing how much he loves our kids. {Him holding Brother for the first time...look at the sincerity and love gushing out of him}

And at the end of the day...I always love him more.

Thanks for all you do.  Thanks for all you are.  Honestly you are the BEST daddy I have ever known!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Freezer Meals

I really am excited for Lotte's birthday party, but I'll be ready for it to be over.  But not really because that means my little girl will be 2!!!! I am currently pushing back tears to get on to the post.

One of my first home projects post-party is taking care of my freezer and doing better meal planning.  Basically, I'm going to ORGANIZE my kitchen head to toe or cabinets to appliances.

The Man has had a hankering for a deep freeze.  Finally we found one the size we were looking for {smallish} and it was only $25!!!!  So now I want to take some time to fill it up for the busy nights when I don't want to "cook" something.  I have found several links to freezer tips and tricks and organizing.  I wanted to share them with you in case you have a hankering for a beautifully organized and yummy freezer.

Natalie from A Turtle's Life got it started when I found her AMAZING post.  So comprehensive.  If you didn't read it earlier in the week when I posted it, DO.IT.NOW.

Look at how beautiful this storage is...and the beautiful soups...GASP!

Tons of freezer recipes from Joelen at "What's Cookin' Chicago"

I would also really love to find a group of girls from around these parts who would like to do a meal exchange once a week or even once a month.  It's sooo easy.  Make one meal several times and then exchange them and you have several different meals!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Wedding Shower Gift

I made this cutie a while ago for a sweet little girl who is getting married in August!  She is like a little sister and I wanted to make her something special.  

It is made out of crepe paper rosettes!  A LOT of crepe paper rosettes.  I almost didn't get it finished before it was time to go to the shower.  I only had a minute to snap a few shots of the wreath. 

And after taking the picture I realized I was missing a little "flag" on the bunting.  So the finished product has an extra green flag on the left.

I can't wait for her wedding!  I'm so happy that she has found someone that makes her "complete"!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Dozen

a DOZEN is always a good thing...dozen cookies, dozen doughnuts and now a dozen of my favorite things around the blogiverse.

Baby Best:
Super Easy.  Super Cute.  Scrap Buster.

Little Girlie Girls:
Love her pattern combos and they look ADORABLE on her girls!

Mister Man Boys:
Lovin' the Robot fabric.  Could be girly too.

Kids Activity:
Beautifying summer reading lists and some links for good reads

Home Decor:
I love the pictures in place of the numbers.

Home Organization:
Seriously? A months worth of meals in 45 minutes? Awesomeness!

Holiday Happenings:
This is too awesome!  I LOVE hanging decorations!

Mommy's Find:
AAANNNDDD...it has a beautiful tutorial!

Manly Love:
Great Father's Day gift to accompany some grill tools.

Party Perfect:
The "fanned bunting" with the buttons around the cupcake stand is insane!

Must Do That:
I need to do a file holder like this and the bunting above the board makes it so lovable!

Yummy Treat:
I found these on Pinterest last week!  I have the ingredients to make them in the fridge.  Hopefully I can get them done tomorrow!  And her pictures are droolworthy!

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