Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seriously Sunday

I've decided that Sundays need to get me in the mode for the coming week.  Now while I'm on maternity leave I can get all kinds of fun things done during the week, but when it's back to the grind I will really have to get serious in order to get through the week with any sanity left.

So I'm beginning Seriously Sundays.  I'm using my internet home to hold myself accountable.  And Sundays seem like the perfect time to set out a list of goals for the week.

I will break it down into a few categories:  Food for the Family, Cleaning outside the Norm, Mommy Magic (my little crafty endeavors), and finally Long-er Term Relationships (projects that need to be finished up or one's that will take a little bit longer than the week to finish, but it is still good to keep them in mind).

Here it goes:

Food for the Family:
-Freezer Chicken Casserole
-Homemade Pizzas
-Left over night
-New Recipe Thursday-Foil Pack Chicken and Artichoke (Kraft)
-Homemade Mac n Cheese n Veggies

Cleaning Outside the Norm:
-Kiddos' kitchen cabinet--make room for Brother's things
-Lotte's old clothes--resale, give away, keep
-Kids' stuffed animals and books--rotate (playroom, bedroom, away)

Mommy's Magic:
-Antique window-->Kitchen wall art
-Spring decorations out
-New spring decor
-Lotte's color quiet book

Long-er Term Relationships:
-Work on Lotte's Birthday blog posts
-Find dining room table--via craigslist
-Lotte's Easter dress
-Big Quiet Book

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