Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ahhh! The plague!

If one more creepy crawly VIRUS or FLU bug comes in this house I'm going to go full out quarantine!  We have spent the entire month of my son's life battling off colds, viruses, tummy bugs.  We live with hand sanitizer in every room.  We have gone through too many disinfecting wipes to count.  I feel like I live at the dr's office.  I am seriously with one of my children at the hospital or doctor once sometimes twice a week.

My poor Little Lotte thinks that everywhere we go is the doctor's office.  The last few times have been ultra traumatic for her.  So when we go into a public building (just remotely looking like an office, or with people in uniforms) she SCREAMS!  For example, I took them up to my work office and she screamed almost the whole time.  And worse yet, she freaked out when she went with her dad to the automotive section at Walmart!  I don't get it, but the guy had a clipboard so maybe that is why she thought it was the doctor.

Not sure how to make my little girl stop hating the doctor's office so much.  But if you were 20 months old and getting catheters and xrays and blood work done, you would probably be scared too.  I would be.  Any advice for more pleasant public experiences?'s a cute little face to make everyone's day a little happier!


  1. Aww that is such a cute face! I hope that Lotte can get over her fears at some point. Bribery probably isn't a good idea. I was thinking that a treat after the doctor might ease the dislike ;).


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