Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Giant Leap for Kaleigh-Kind


Andrew showed me how to post, I just need to find the time to take the pics and post them!

The long part is uploading them to the camera.  Am I the only one that seems to have hundreds of pictures on the camera, and I just keep taking more until it takes a full hour to upload.  I really have to build that into my schedule!

This is one of the pics of Lotte and I at our mother's day photo shoot.  I just picked this to demonstrate my newfound picture posting abilities.  check yourself at the door technology because Kaleigh is moving up!  Hopefully next week I have time to post my FAVORITES from that shoot.  Bed is calling my name and I have an empty suitcase and an evening work thingy calling my name for tomorrow.  *le sigh*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Juice

My creative juices are really flowin'.  I have literally spent the last week scouring the interwebs for crafty and baking beauties.  There are sooo many out there, and their ideas are so inspiring.

Last week I "hosted" a retirement party for a lady at work.  My "gift" to her was these fabulous cookies.  Sweetopia is an outta control blog with ahhmaahhzing cookies.  I used her tutorials and recipe to make marbleized black and white cookies.  Everyone loved them!  And I have to say they were probably the prettiest thing that has ever come out of my oven!  All the ladies at work want the recipe and I had a lady from a different office call me up and complement/ask for cookies.

Needless to say...I have another batch of cookies in the oven...beeeeppp.

I'm doing stars, circles (lots of sizes), hearts and my fav--Illinois!  Since I work for the county government I plan on these little states being flooded and having a little heart over our county.  I plan on decorating tomorrow night and taking them to the other offices with the "recipe" and letting everyone know that I would be willing to make them cookies and decorate them for any events that they might have.

Trying to share what I have with the world.

Monday, May 10, 2010

How the crap does this thing work?

Well I'm officially addicted to all the fine woman bloggy blogs out there. Completely ADDICTED. and it makes me feel seriously inadequate.  I have a lot in me that I could share, but the problem is how.  Everyone's medium is so incredible and I feel as if I'm sinking in a technological nightmare.  If I can over come this horribly bland and lifeless pit that I call a blog....some day I would like to join the ranks of my fellow lady peers who can craft and cook like none other!  My week's goal is to figure this thing out.

I wonder how many youtube tutorials I will be watching this week.
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