Saturday, April 2, 2011

This week's FINDS!

Well I did some thrifty shopping this week.  Surprise, surprise!  I was able to sell a bunch of Lotte's clothes and shoes to a kid's re-sale shop here in town and I made more than I thought I would.  So of course I used that money to buy some much needed spring and summery clothes for little girl.  I guess little boy will just have to run around naked! ;)

A few of the things I got for her I hope to glam up a bit with some extra stuff from around my fabric stash.  We'll see how long it takes me to get it done.  Ooooh...and look at that pretty apple print from a overly large napkin or a really thin placemat...not really sure what it is, but it will be a pretty outfit for Lotte.

I found these AWESOME shoes for myself.

I'm not really a heel person because I have a hard time walking in them if they don't fit perfectly, but these do just PERFECTLY!  That and the comfy front strap make it super easy to strut in a natural way and not in a "I'm-faking-that-I-can-walk-in-heels-but-really-my-feet-hurt-so-bad-I-would-rather-walk-down-the-street-completely-naked-than-wear-these-shoes-another-minute" way.

I also found out that my toddler LOVES to play with shaving cream.  I wanted to give her a sensory experience so I just squirted the stuff all over her tray.  The first thing she said was "uh-oh".  She was concerned because I made such a mess.  But she had 2 tons of fun and I had a brilliant time cleaning up after she went down for a nap.

Lotte found the pure joy of bubbles!  We have blown them for her before, but I guess the winter has been so long that she forgot about them.  This spring she can actually blow them herself!  She stood there and yelled buh-bye to all of the bubbles that flew away.  So sweet.

On the craft front, I found some really cute and fairly easy ideas for my kissing balls and decorations.  But you have to wait til next week to see those!

And my last and most important find happened today.  It was a highly motivated husband!  He did all kinds of things for me today and I really appreciate it.  We were able to completely build our garden box, he helped me finish the window for the kitchen wall, he is doing lots of laundry (I don't go in our basement, but that is another story), and he has been so much help with the kids today!  And the best part of that is IT IS ONLY SATURDAY!  We still have tomorrow to get things done!  Thanks honey!

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  1. She's too cute! Uh-oh indeed ;). I love those shoes! I hope you have a great time rockin' them out!


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