Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Excited!

My Little Chick Shirt is getting a warm welcome out in blog land!

I was soooooo very excited when Steph from Somewhat Simple left me a comment!  o.m.gosh. SHE has been to MY blog!  I love Somewhat Simple.  It was one of the first blogs that I started to read even before I had a blog...when I was just stalking cute creative sites.

Not only that, but she held the first giveaway I ever entered, and coincidentally the only giveaway I have ever won!  (It was a $25 gift card to Michael's via Whoop d Whoop)  Boy did I get a BUNCH of stuff with that gift card to start working on Lotte's second birthday!

Anyway...back to the comment!  She said that she was going to feature my shirt!  SQUEAL!

So the next morning I wake up to find THIS!<----click on it!!!

I linked my shirt up to her Easter Link Party (along with 400 other people's amazing projects) and it was one of her favorites!

Oh and her new site design is to die for! She has a slideshow banner under her header that shows her recent posts...and if you sit and look you will see my sweet daughter pop up...well, not her face, but that is her wearing the shirt!

I absolutely love getting comments, it makes my day! (I love giving them too!)  I got another comment this morning that Eva from Couturier Mommy was featuring my shirt in her to do list!

Yay! I'm so thankful for everyone's comments and makes me smile ear to ear...and then I call everyone I know and tell them I've been featured! When I told my 83 year old grandma she had a blank look on her face and said, "That's great honey! What's a blog?"

So this isn't a picture-less post.  Here is my grandma, or Buddy as we call her, with her Great-Grandson at her 63rd wedding anniversary dinner party.

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