Monday, April 11, 2011

Picnik is my friend

I really like Picnik.  I mean I really like Picnik.  Hubby, you better watch out!

I love that it is FREE!  And after a little playing around you can really make a difference in your pictures.  Most pictures if you hit the Auto button it just makes the color a little better.  But I have a few pictures that are my favorites that I really wanted to punch it up and make it pop!

The 3 pictures on my side bar I edited with Picnik, and I thought I would share a few more of my before and after pictures.

Cropped in, straightened out a bit, and played with colors and exposure.

Here are a few more:
This one is one of their effects.  Very fun.

They have lots of fonts to play with:

I took Brother for a little photo shoot out at a warehouse near our place the other day.  I thought that the blue building would be a neat back drop and the pictures turned out really cute.  But it was a really sunny day and the pictures didn't turn out as "blue" as the building really looks in real life.

Oh and I opened an Etsy shop.  I'm just going to take it slow without many expectations.  I do plan on stocking up a few banners and party items over the next few weeks, but no pressure.......yet.  I really would love to eventually have a fully stocked store and be selling multiple orders a week, but I'm going to work my way up to that.  The only thing in there now is the ruffles and rainbows burp cloth gift sets ;)

I used Picnik to create my avatar and banner.  I really really LOVE it.  And I hope to incorporate it to my blog...when I take the initiative to redo my template and design.

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