Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

We had such a wonderful weekend!  I loved all the family time and I loved celebrating Lotte's first Easter as a big girl walking!

On Friday we bought our new table and chairs/bench!  After we set it all up in the dining room we died eggs.  We used the box the table came in on the floor.  I figured it would be a messy experience. 

On Saturday we had my family over for deserts.  I made cookies earlier in the week and each of the women in our family brought a pie or cake.  Here was my springy set up.

I used the free printable from The Pink Ink Doodle in my blue frame, and I basically copied Sweet Sugar Belle for my cookies.  They turned out better than I expected, but if you look at her amazing work you will never be 100% pleased with yours.  This picture doesn't show all my mini cookies, but there were 70 minis and 3.5 dozen regular cookies.  I had a blast decorating them.  My family really enjoyed eating them!

That's my mom admiring them in the background!

On Sunday morning we got up early to have breakfast, hunt eggs and get ready for church.

Little girl's breakfast...Bunny shaped toast, her name Easter egg, plain yogurt with her special holiday topping (bunny pastel marshmallows).  The most fun was the pink milk with a silly straw! 

Here she is hunting eggs in the living room because it has been raining for a week!

The Easter Bunny hid their baskets in the bathroom!  Silly Bunny! 

Last year I convinced my husband to allow me to order Lotte a Pottery Barn basket.  But it was too late and they were out of the ones that I wanted.  So I found this basket at Michael's for $13.00.  A friend at work has an embroidery machine and was nice enough to put her name on it for me.

I found a matching basket this year for Brother!  It was 50% off when I bought it.

Things were a little different this year and we couldn't have Easter Dinner at my aunt's house like normal so we had brunch up at the country club.

 Lotte and one of her favorite cousins.
 LOVE this picture
 Here is a picture of her full dress.  So perfect.
And just so you know...Brother was there too!

After brunch we spent time with my husband's family and we came home much earlier than normal.  We just hung out the four of us all evening.  It was a perfect weekend.  I hope everyone's was as nice as ours!

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  1. Looks like a lovely weekend indeed! Those are quite the baskets of loot ;). Happy Easter!


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