Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Miss Dirty Knees

No craft to show off today.  Instead I'm going to show you one of the greatest things God and I have ever created...

Lately whenever I am with her or whenever I think of her I just GASP!  She is literally THE cutest thing EVER!  I know all mommies feel this way about their little ones (nature's way of insuring that we protect them fiercely) but mine is particularly cute!

I love her so much it HURTS!  Have you ever felt that way?  She is so stinkin' cute it HURTS!

Now that the weather is nice she has become an outdoorsy little girl!  She actually woke up last weekend and stood at the back door in nothing but her diaper and cried "iiiisiiidde!" *that is outside for normal speaking adults*

She runs, slides down stairs on her bottom, climbs up in lawn chairs, throws things for the doggies, plays with side walk chalk and bubbles!  Oh the bubbles!  It is so cute when she says bubbles because she doesn't just ask for them she BEGS!  "Bubbelsh"  Here are some of the sweetest pictures of the dirtiest and happiest girl on the block!

Look at that dirty bottom, and how happy she makes her daddy!

We fill this tub up for our crazy dog.  He paddles in the water and as it splashes up he chomps at it.  Lotte spent the better part of an hour taking rocks out of my landscaping and throwing them in for the dog.  He actually dunks his head under the water and pulls them out so she can throw them back in!

She was very proud of her scraped knees.  
She walked around all week saying "Boo-boo" as she pointed to them.


And here she is resting for 5.3 seconds at the park after a long day of playing.

I can't wait for the weekend to start so we can have some more family fun.

PS. Brother was there too!

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