Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally! The window is DONE!

It took me awhile, but it is finally finished and I couldn't be happier with the results!

I took this...

And made it into this...

I LOVE it!  We cleaned it up; it took forever to get that sticker off of the glass and to scrap off the lead paint.  I taped off the windows and primed and spray painted the wood.  I did a light spray paint frosting of the glass.  My husband worked really hard to get the drawer pull I picked out onto the top of the window frame.  The wood was too thick and the screw that fit the knob was too short.  Then we added sawtooth frame hangers and put it up on the wall.

I love the knob because I can hang seasonal wreaths or other decorations to add some festivities to my kitchen.  The poor kitchen is usually left out of the decorations.  Here is the wreath I just made hanging on my beautiful wall art.

I used flower shaped confetti and sequin pins on a foam ring.  It took a LOT of flowers, but it was actually really therapeutic.  

All in all here are my expenses.
Window-dug out of my garage
Spray Paint-$3.00 for the frosted glass paint
Drawer Knob-$1.80 from Home Depot
Wreath-Already had the foam form
Flowers-About $3.00 with 40% off coupon at Michael's
Pins-Already had
Ribbon-Scraps from other project.

So all in all, it was really thrifty!  Especially considering the wall art piece I had looked at was roughly $60.00!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!


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