Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday's Finds

Here are some of our goings-on over the past week...

We have finished building our raised garden bed and are getting ready to plant in it this weekend.  We want to get Lotte as involved as possible with the planting process.  Here is what we found her at Lowe's last weekend.  She loves it but I think I love it more!

 It's an Abby Cadabby Gardening Tote!  Complete with shovel, trowel, and rake!  Inside are these cuties...

pumpkin seeds (because Abby's magical spells always turn things into pumpkins), little starter pots for the seeds, cute pink garden stakes for the stickers to show what is planted in our garden!

I can't wait to see how she does with the planting!  We know she isn't afraid to get dirty!  Last weekend we discovered that she is 100% a daddy's girl (as if we didn't already know).  The weather was so perfect to play outside and she played HARD!  Sunday morning she woke up and stood by the back door completely naked saying "eeesiiide".  She loved playing and here is the proof!

Is that not the DIRTIEST little girl you have seen!  She is covered in pink and girly to the extreme and then she gets covered in dirt!  She had a blast and so did we!

Our sweet little neighbor gave us this picnic table this week.

Do you remember the picture of our lil tyke slide?  Here is another view.

That used to be one of those horribly sun faded red and blue slides until my awesome Mom found krylon spray paint specifically for outdoor plastic play things (no priming necessary).  She got this slide and painted it girly cutesie for cutesie pie.  And because my Mom is super cool like that she brought me more paint so we can fix up the picnic table too!

I am so looking forward to a beautiful weekend spending time with our little family!  We are going to get dirty and play outside, we are going to a friend's baby shower and we are going to spend some much needed time with Daddy (because he has been working overtime all!).

Hope you have a great weekend!

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