Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freezer Meal Adventures

I've been researching freezer meals a little bit lately.  Recently I got a bee in my bonnet and jumped into some breakfast and lunch meals.

My favorite were the pancakes!  I make a GIANT batch of pancakes and added all kinds of stuff!  I like to make the really thick pancakes and the add-ins were so yummy I didn't even need syrup.  They were more like pancake-muffins...panffins or muffcakes.
My favorite! Apple pie!  Diced apples and pie spices Cinnamon, All Spice & Nutmeg. 

Fresh Blueberries

Chocolate Chip--I told you they were thick!

Some plain minis for Lotte's breakfasts.

I made half a dozen breakfast burritos {no pics sorry}.  I browned sausage, scrambled eggs and put those along with a hand full of cheese on a tortilla folded up and wrapped in aluminum foil.  Mr. Man really loved taking these to work this week.

I cut up all kinds of peppers and onions to freeze in a large bag.  This way I can just dump them in a pan when I make stirfry or need them for steaming.

Mr. Man really helped out with the lunches.  We cooked some brown rice, added veggies, cooked chicken cut in strips and added teriyaki sauce.  We put these in freezer bags.  So for a healthy CHEAP {about $.80} lunch just open the bag a little bit and microwave!


  1. That's a great freeze peppers. Half of the ones I buy end up going bad. Next time I will definitely freeze them before they go over the hill.

  2. muffcakes! awesome! We are doing this Saturday but I'm not brave enough to do pancakes and Chad is a debbiedowner and doesn't like them. Unamerican...


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