Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love you all year round...a quick easy gift

I made these for my mother and father's birthday a few weeks ago.  I let Lotte help decorate them.

I started with a brown lunch sack and plain cardstock cut to fit neatly underneath the folded flap.  I drew on a calendar for each page (you could easily print one out, but we don't have a working printer) and I let Lotte color them up.  I put a smaller piece of cardstock on the top to sign it and color.

Here are my favorite pages she colored.
{and lines}
They turned out pretty cute and my rents liked them a lot.  Just like I said...QUICK and EASY.


  1. great cute, quick kiddo project. I am always looking for those! thanks for posting!

  2. I love the website redesign! What a great look ;).


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