Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Party Prep

I'm trying out the new Blogger Interface.

I really kind of like it!  Have you tried it yet?

I'm working on stuff for this weekend, but I am having a hard time motivating myself.

Here is my list of projects for the party.  I have parts of everything done.  I hope I get them all finished, but I sincerely doubt I will.  So they are listed in order of importance.  Come on people, hold me accountable! :)

-Mustaches on Sticks
-Mustache Straws
-Family T-shirts
-Cupcake Toppers
-Food Signs
-Clothespins/Ties Background
-Pennant Flags
-Print/Frame Mustache Printables

And since the party is at the park almost immediately after the baptism, I have to have everything completely ready to go.  Just pull it out of the box/bag and plot it on the table.

Have you ever had a quick set up party?  I'm trying not to I'm better off getting off of the computer and warming up my hot glue gun.

Just so it isn't a pictureless post...enjoy this cutie!

{Lotte at her baptism party...she was just 3 months old}

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