Friday, May 13, 2011

THE Cake and Desert Table

NOTE: Because of the Blogger being down for two days and deleting Thursday's post (grr) I'm reposting this today and I'll post the birthday girl tomorrow!

Here is my favorite installment of this party!  I loved making all the deserts and loved displaying them even more!

Here is the full table.

We hired a photographer (BEST choice ever!!!) to photograph everything so we didn't miss out on the fun by being behind a lens.  I loved all the hundreds of pictures she took, but there was not a single picture of the cake table from a straight on angle.  Sad news!

The banner was all fabric and felt sewn by moi!  Here is a detail.

We took it with us for her 12 month photo shoot!

Looking back we had WAAAYY too much food.  There were quiet a bit of left overs, but everyone tried all of it!

 Watermelon Sugar Cookies

 Watermelon FLAVORED cookies.  So Yummy!  One of my roommates in college has a secret family recipe for cookies where you actually use watermelon to flavor them.  I searched EVERYWHERE on the internet for the recipe, but couldn't find it.  Would she share the secret with me? No. But she did one even better...she made them and sent them with another friend for me to serve.  I LOVE you Katie!

 Watermelon flavored popcorn.  Made with Jello and served in too cute cupcake wrappers.

This was the "pop" display.  Cake pops, Chocolate dipped Golden Oreos, Marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate, and Strawberry Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate.

Here are some more pictures of the stand/display I used for the pops.

I used two Styrofoam blocks (one cut down) to create a stair stacked shape.  I spray glued the blocks together.  Then I spray painted the entire thing pink and wrapped 2 inch ribbon around each level of stairs.  It worked perfectly and I will be able to reuse it again for other parties by just spray painting a different color and adding different ribbons.

The cake was EXACTLY what I wanted.  My cake girl went to high school with my husband and I and she is seriously talented.  I told her what I wanted and she made it even better.  The best detail you can't see is the inside of the cake, it is dyed pink and has mini chocolate chips to make it look like watermelon!

She also made jumbo cupcakes and Lotte's smash cake.

I'll leave you today with pictures of my sweetie digging in to her first sweets!

Join me tomorrow for Lotte's birthday outfits and a recap!

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