Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brother's Swaddler Blankets

My son is the EXACT OPPOSITE of my daughter when she was an infant.

He smiles and laughs all the time.

She was my Serious Sally.

When he falls asleep, he sleeps like a rock.

When or if she fell asleep, she was easily awaken.
ie: taking this picture woke her up...
and as you can tell I didn't even have the flash on.

She loved to sprawl out and hated being covered up.

He has to be wrapped up tight in his little cocoon.

Seriously, he cannot sleep at night without be swaddled.  Lotte never used her one swaddler we had for her.  {I'm not ashamed to say my sweet son gets wrapped up in his sister's never used PINK swaddler.}  We go through those things quickly in a week at my house.  So I used Prudent Baby's tutorial and made him a set of DIY Swaddle Blankets out of coordinating flannel.  They were super easy to make and Mister Caterpillar loves being tied up in these at night!  I recommend doing this because they are about $10 cheaper than buying the velcro ones at the store.

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