Thursday, June 9, 2011

WARNING: Gross Mommy Moment

If you don't want to read about POOP and BREAST MILK don't read any further!

I'm going to be real about my son's "problem" and it is a little grosser than my normal content!
I'm doing this mostly for some feedback...if you are anyone you know has had this problem, please tell me it has turned out alright and this doesn't last forever!

My poor little boy doesn't poop!  He goes a week at a time with no "movement".  He isn't constipated, according to the doctor he has "slow bowels" or he is "stool holding".

He is 100% breastfed {which supposedly contains a natural laxative} so his poo isn't hard or formed so it isn't STUCK.  But it is just NOT COMING OUT!

At about day 5 he gets really uncomfortable and it gets to the point where he is really fussy by day 6 and 7 isn't happy either.  Then when he finally goes.....there really aren't words to describe it!  It's the worst smell ever, it is sticky and gross because it has been in there for so long.  It goes up the back of the diaper...all the way to his hair.  It comes out the legs of the diapers.  The only way to clean it up is to strip him down and put him in the sink to wash it all off.

I really hope that he doesn't deal with this all of his life.  I can't imagine what will happen if he does this when he is finally eating solids!

Someone please tell me that your child did this and grew out of it?!?

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  1. Poor baby! That doesn't seem normal! It cannot be healthy to have bacteria and all growing in there that long.


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