Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can I possibly get it all done?

How the HECK am I going to get it all done?  Well, you can bet that I am sitting here blogging rather than getting it done...oops.

With 20 days and waaaayyyy too many things to get accomplished...I need to set some sort of schedule for myself.

This week I HAVE to get done with:

Lotte's Birthday Dress.

Lotte's Birthday Swimsuit.

Lotte's Flip-flops.  {one is already done so I already have this one half done :)}All I can say is that they are SHUT THE FRONT DOOR cute!  I can't wait to show you!!!

Photo props for her 2nd year pictures.

If you couldn't tell by my to-do list, we are taking Little Girl's pictures next weekend.  Anyone from the St. Louis area have any good recommendations for picture sites?  We are probably going to go to the City Garden, but we went there last year and I would like to go somewhere new.

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