Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strawberry Pickin--> More like EATIN'

This is one tradition that our family has that is like opening the flood gates to summer.  What is a better way to welcome fun in the sun than strawberry picking?  Answer...there isn't a better way!

We have an amazing "farm" near us that does pick your own strawberries.  Last year we went when Lotte was about 10 months old.  She wasn't walking yet, but they give you these flats to put your strawberries in and I put the cutest strawberry in mine!

This is our little strawberry princess last year.

She loved eating her first strawberries.  You can see the juice running down her chin!

This year as soon as we got off the tractor ride she hit the field running!  She was excited to help pick the berries and Brother was excited to be in his Moby Wrap!

We would pick the berries and tell her to put them in the box.  Well, it turns out that she was taking a bite out of almost everyone she was putting in the box.  We had to go through and weed out the strawberries that were half eaten!  She is a silly girl! 

Here she is counting her haul!

It's official I have nursed my babies EVERYWHERE.  Including the strawberry patch!

We had such a good time that day!  And it is the beginning of what is sure to be a memorable summer!

I am currently taking suggestions for strawberry recipes.  I want to make a pie that my grandma makes, and we might make some preserves, but does anyone have a great ideas to use {currently frozen} strawberries?


  1. Strawberry rhubarb freezer jelly/jam is something I always here of people making.

    I'm jealous, we don't have a local strawberry place. Here's hoping ours take off in the garden this year.

  2. Yay for nursing! You're awesome ;).

    The strawberry picking sounds awesome!


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