Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Flea Market Finds

Last Saturday my daughter was so stinkin' cute when we were at the local market that we decided to go out to the Grafton Flea Market that they hold once a month.  Grafton is a little bit of a drive, but when we got out there we ate at the Loading Dock {an outdoor restaurant right on the river}.  There is a man who owns a boat that he renovated to look like a pirate ship and he rents it out for parties...5th Birthday for Brother???!!!
Sorry this is the best picture I got of the pirate ship. :(

After we finished eating we walked into the flea market....and this is a FLEA MARKET!
It is in a huge warehouse.

We loved walking around and seeing all the vendors and all the fun people.  I found lots of stuff that I would LOVE to buy.
Does anyone have an extra $125 I can have?  I'm pretty sure my son NEEDS this for his future bed room {when we are in a bigger house and he can have his own room...}.

I am going to go back and get one of these.  He had tons of them and they were only $7!  They are my "flea market regrets".  I always leave a flea market or thrift store and say, "I wish I bought that!"  That adorable Coca-Cola crate is my regret!

Love these trellises...the middle ones would look great side-by-side as a headboard!

This beauty was rather expensive but it is the PRETTIEST planter ever! 

In my ideal kitchen I have a beautiful display of vintage rolling pins.

I have seen these vintage spools at several different flea markets and I have been racking my brain to come up with a cool project using them.  You just wait, one day I'll have something awesome.  Do you have any ideas for them?

I ended up walking away with 2 vintage Sesame Street books, some yummy cinnamon-chocolate decaf coffee and a bag of corks from a local winery.

As we were leaving I saw this wall art.  People have glued all of these neat little things and nick-nacks onto the walls.
Fun carpenter rulers, saucers, postcards, coins, puzzle pieces, political signs and look at the awesome fire blower thing {technical term there!}

I can't wait to go back to see it grow through the summer months!

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  1. I LOVE that boat steering wheel....I'm sure there's a better technical name...but I can't think of it right now!


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