Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's the best Dad I have ever known!

Father's day has never really been a big holiday for me.  Growing up I rarely had any contact with my father, and when I was 15 he passed away.  So it has always been just another day...until...

This incredible man came into my life.  Father's day was so much more, even before we had children because I knew he would be a GREAT dad!

I was right...he fell into fatherhood like a champ.  {Holding Lotte for the first time after 36 hours of doting on me during labor}

He always lending a helping hand.  {Here he is with Lotte's first diaper}

He educates the girly on the importance of a good upbringing. {Showing Lotte around the Jayhawk campus for the first time}

He is PERFECT for shoulder rides. {Outside of the Architecture building on campus...and everywhere else}

He is there for me to make me laugh when I REALLY need it. {Especially pre-op before my c-section with our son}

He makes me fall in love with him everyday just by seeing how much he loves our kids. {Him holding Brother for the first time...look at the sincerity and love gushing out of him}

And at the end of the day...I always love him more.

Thanks for all you do.  Thanks for all you are.  Honestly you are the BEST daddy I have ever known!

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  1. I'm so glad that your hubbs is a great Dad! It is fun to see him with the kids ;).


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