Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sock Monkey Favors--Baby Food Jar Cupcakes

One thing a craft hoarding mother of a one year old has plenty of is baby food jars.  Unless you make your own...then kudos to you!  I made FAVORS for Lotte's First Birthday using baby food jars with jelly bellies.  So going with the same idea I wanted to do take away cupcakes in a jar.

I really just loved how Brother's party favors turned out!  I used THIS recipe for Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper Cupcakes with Vanilla and Cherry Buttercream Frosting.  I made mini cupcakes (without liners) and used 2 in each jar along with 3 layers of frosting.  

The baby food jars were washed and sanitized.  I very carefully mod-podged matching houndstooth patterned paper on to the top of the lid.  Then I hot glued on pom pom trim around the came in the perfect size.  

The spoons were probably my favorite part.  I purchased these from Lemon Drop Shop.  They were only $2.50 for 50 wooden spoons!!

I stamped "THANKS" on to the handle of each spoon using a lovely aqua colored ink.  Mini Color Boxes are my favorites because they are less expensive and come in so many colors.

I attached the spoons to the baby food jars using Caribbean blue twine from The Twinery.

They were delicious, a big hit with guests, and inexpensive.  I spent $2.50 on the spoons and about $6.00 on the trim from Walmart.  I made 40 baby food jar cupcakes...and I only had about 8 left over.

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