Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Nonsense November

Are you tired of not getting everything finished on your Christmas list?

Are you like me and always scrambling to get it all done?

Are you spending the last weeks running around instead of with your family?

Well, I invite you to take the NO NONSENSE NOVEMBER PLEDGE with me!


1. That I will not wait to make my Christmas list.  Staying organized is key to having a well oiled Christmas machine. I will finish my lists within the next week.

2. That I will make as many homemade Christmas gifts as possible.  There are so many advantages to making your Christmas presents.  It can save money, it gives the receiver something that they can't go out and get themselves, and I believe that it is enriching to know that someone is getting a gift that you personalized just for them.   I will give a majority of handmade gifts this year.

3. That I will not wait to begin my gift buying and making.  My biggest deterrent to giving homemade gifts is that I wait too long and it all piles up to an impossible mountain of unfinished work.  I will start making and doing NOW.

4. That I will take the time to enjoy my holiday season.  With the hustle and bustle of the season it is easy to focus on all that needs to be done and not spend enough time enjoying family and the season.  I will spend each day doing something fun with my family to celebrate and commemorate this time of year.

5. I will document through photos and journaling all of our family fun and traditions this year.  Last year I fell out of my regular December journaling habit {being hugely pregnant and running after a toddler isn't an excuse}.  I will write everything down, photograph as much as possible and keep up with family traditions.

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