Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making life simple! Cutting tulle the FAST way!

So I recently have made two tutus!  One for an order and one for Lotte's Halloween costume.

For the Halloween costume, I bought tulle off of the bolt.  It is so much cheaper, and for Lotte, it's okay if it isn't perfectly cut.  I went to youtube and searched "cutting tulle from bolt"  there was a super great video tutorial HERE and I LOVE this lady because she saved me a BUNCH of time and effort.

I made the lady bug tutu before and didn't think about youtube-ing of googling the fast way to cut tulle from the spool.  So I think I'm pretty GENIUS for coming up with this.

I wanted an 8 inch tutu for a one year old.  So I cut a piece of cardboard 16 inches long {doubled}.  I made sure that it was wider than 6 inches.

I started the tulle at the very top of the cardboard and just simply flipped it around and around and around until the entire spool was wrapped around the cardboard.

I then took scissors and cut through all the layers of tulle at both the top and the bottom of the board.

I removed the board and had a beautiful and neat stack of tulle the exact length that I needed it for my tutu.

This made it super easy to keep the tulle really straight and "fresh".  I didn't want to send it out all rumply and crumply.

I hope this helps you shave time and hassle off of your tutu endeavors!

I'm linking up to these awesome hostesses this week!  Thank you ladies!!
Show and Tell @ Blue Cricket Design


  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish I knew this before I made a tutu dress...!

  2. ooh, that's so simple, but so clever. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi! Stopping by from somewhat simple. Knowing this will make my life so much easier! I love making tutu skirts for my daughter but the cutting takes forever! Thank you :) I would love for you to share this on my Friday link party too!

  4. Oh, nice! My 2 year old daughter has asked for princess "dress 'em ups" for Christmas and this will make it so easy!

  5. Thank you! I was trying to cut tulle fr a tutu project for my niece, and found you through google. This tip made my cuts so much straighter and MUCH faster!


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