Thursday, October 13, 2011

What are you doing this weekend?

I've been crafting, sewing, creating up a storm this week!

I can't wait for the weekend so that it can is a look at my busy weekend.

Tonight: Cutting out dress pieces for a customer.  Finishing knit hats for another customer.

Friday Night:  Pumpkin patch clothes for my kids.  Bows for customer.  Finish birthday onesie.

Saturday Night:  Sew customer dress.  Possibly get started on costumes.

Sunday Night: Finish birthday party order.  Costumes for my kiddos.

Monday:  Mail California birthday dress/tutu order.  Mail 2 baby gifts.

And that is just the projects at night!

Friday:  Movie night with the little girl "Happy Feet" or as she calls it Pin-gins.

Saturday: Market, River Road, Grafton shops and food, Pumpkin Patch, YMCA Halloween Party.

Sunday: Church, Leclaire Park Festival, Party planning for my niece's AWESOME spa birthday party.

Wow...I need some coffee!  Or a weekend to recover from my weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that's a busy one! Sounds like a great weekend!

    That's awesome that you're taking orders now! I'll most definitely be ordering up a birthday in a box and cute kiddo dresses from you ;). You should sell birthdays in a box...with your amazing themed gear.

    I hope you're recuperating from the baby blues!


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