Monday, October 10, 2011

Falling in LOVE

It is officially FALL and it finally feels like it outside.  It was a rough summer and I'm glad to get into a new season.  And the best part is decorating!  Summer seems to be so boring when it comes to dolling up the house.  There is really only so much you can do.

Fall is when you get to break out all the fun decorations.  Here are a few things that I hope to get around to sometime.  They would be great additions to my fall decor!  I found all of them on PINTEREST.

Better Home & Gardens has this AMAZING table scape!  I am in LOVE with the table runners.  The houndstooth and the ruffles!  Perfect color combo in my book.  Go to their site and look at all the details.  They also use hedge apples for decorating!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Lolly Jane Boutique used funkins and painted them with an awesome argyle pattern.  Nothing says fall like argyle!

The ever inspiring HGTV  has used lentils, beans and dried corn to embellish funkins and candles.  It makes it VERY harvesty!

I think these papier mache pumpkins from THIS Etsy Shop are too adorable.  With all the decoupaged pumpkins around the blogs it would be super cute to do one with recycled book pages.

Poppies and Sunshine posted this on her blog.  I'm not sure where the actual source is because she didn't link it up, but these lighted pumpkins are amazing.  They would be super easy to do with a drill and Christmas lights.  I hope I can try these this season.

And finally, Girlyme's Tumbler  has these beautiful autumn cookies.  The colors are amazing and I love the way they all work together to make an inspiring fall cookie platter.

If only I had more time in my day....SIGH.

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  1. Those are all fun! I really love the different ways to decorate pumpkins ;).


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