Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kid's Clothing Week Challenge

Here is a little fun-ness.


I'm going to attempt to participate in this year's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge.

Elsie Marley has motivated me to start an amazing clothes for your children for 1 hour a day for 7 days.

I know there are women out there who are going to sew complete wardrobes for their 6 children, but I'm not going to set a goal to get {x} amount of things completed, but instead I will...


{I'm definitely going to use some of this time to work on halloween costumes and some refashions/embellishments}

It is going to be rough, but I'm going to have to be organized.  Especially because I'm going to do this on a shoestring budget.  By that, I mean I'm not going to buy any fabric at all.  Everything is going to be made of something in my stash, or it is going to be upcycled from already on hand {or in drawer} items.

I would like to make at least one new piece for each kid...a Ragland Tee from Jess @ Craftiness is not Optional.

She is one talented seamstress, and her blog is probably one of my most favorite ever.  She has a new tutorial almost every week.  SERIOUS TALENT!

And for Brother...a 90 minute Tee from Dana @ Made.

Dana has soo many variations of this shirt.  It is so cute in every variety!

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