Friday, September 16, 2011

Ummm???? GRRRR! and thinking ahead...

So evidently I have no idea how to schedule a post, or Blogger isn't being my friend.

I have had posts for all week scheduled and nothing actually posted.  So much for preparedness.

It's my fault for not checking my blog and spending my week's computer time just checking in on some of my reads.  I guess you have content to look forward to next week!


This is what I was posting for Monday.

I know autumn just began to fall...but is it bad that I'm currently thinking about Christmas?

This weekend I'm going to start on my to do list for presents.

I like to make a lot of our gifts and I always feel like I struggle in December to get everything done.

I want to do one big thing for the kids and I need to jump on it.

Anyone else working on Christmas at the end of summer?  Any good Christmassy Blogs for me to check out?  Any suggestions for presents for Lotte and Brother?

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