Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ninjas, Magic and More??

My Godson is turning 8 in a couple of days.  And he asked me to make invitations for his party this coming weekend.  His party theme was a little difficult to make invites for...I really need to get used to boy things now that I have one too!

He is having a ninja themed party, including a ninja movie and a magician is coming too!

He came up with the "Ninjas, Magic and More".  So we ran with it.

The ribbon is the "black belt" {tied like a karate belt is actually tied}.

And the actual invitation is folded into a "throwing star".  You open up the origami star and the invite information is written on the inside.  I just made them up rather quickly on Picnik.

{They are split down the middle because you have to cut the square in half in order to fold it properly}

HERE are the instructions I used for folding an origami throwing star if you are interested in making any young boys terribly happy with their party invites!

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