Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cake Pops...Yes, Please.

I LOVE Bakerella.  She is THE lady who invented the ART of cakepops.

I found THESE cakepops on her website and I knew they would be perfect for Lotte's Sesame Street party.

I knew my cakepops couldn't be as fabulous as Bakerella's {she is a professional after all} but I did NOT expect mine to turn out as cute as they did!

{I have a note about Lotte's cakepops...they would not have been as great as they were without the help of my Bestie from Kansas.  She helped soo much with the cakepops and everything for the party!  I wouldn't have been able to get it all done without her!  Love you Aunt Surrahs}

Bakerella's directions are so easy to follow, and her pictures are amazing.  I did have to make a few changes...I couldn't find white sixlets.  So I bought pre-made royal icing "eyeballs" from Michaels.  They were super easy, because they were ready to use, no decorating required.  After putting these eyes on Cookie Monster we decided he looked weird and he needed something bigger. Genius idea...............Coconut M & M's!!

Also, I didn't have enough time to fluff out the fur with a toothpick, so I tried something different.  I put the chocolate in my decorator bottles and squeezed it on in zigzagy patterns.  It worked really well, and went a lot faster than I expected it to take.

Big Bird's Beak.  It mystified and baffled us.  After trying several techniques and even enlisting an almost PHD Engineer, we settled on pushing the candy corn into the cake ball and then dipping the whole thing in chocolate.  Like Bakerella recommends, make sure your yellow chocolate is really runny.

My favorite part of the whole thing was the display.  I used $1.00 flower pots from Walmart with styrofoam.  For the filler to cover the styrofoam, I used something related to each character.

Cookie Monster had mini-cookie cereal...The kids loved eating this.

Oscar had gummy his pet and best friend slimey.

Big Bird was filled with bird seed.

And for Elmo, we used goldfish crackers...duh, like Dorothy, his pet goldfish.


  1. Those cake pops were amazing! I love the displays too. You put so much thought into each detail. You're great ;).

  2. They did turn out really good didn't they? I had fun making them with you! I wish we could do stuff like that all the time. Stupid Missouri...


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